Vanilla Honey and Brown Sugar Natural Soap Set of 5 Value Pack

  • Save 25% instantly off the individual bar price when you purchase this set of 5 value pack!
  • Vanilla Honey and Brown Sugar Essential Oil Soap is a simple luxury you can enjoy everyday!
  • This bar lathers, cleans and rinses naturally leaving you with healthy, beautiful skin.
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • No animal testing

The Best 100% Natural Soap Bar on the Market Today.

If you are looking for a Soap Bar that provides real skin conditioning, moisturizing, and is gentle enough to use all over then search no further. Maple Hill Naturals Soap bars build off our tradition of providing men and women with the best all natural products to look and feel their best.

-All natural ingredients with no preservatives
-Great for travel. TSA friendly! Use the provided box to take your soap on the go.
-All the good stuff your skin wants and needs like all natural glycerin.

What makes Maple Hill Naturals Soap Bars better?

Maple Hill Naturals Soap Bars use an amazing all natural blend of ingredients formulated to keep your skin looking, feeling and smelling its best! We never use man made chemicals or preservatives and absolutely no artificial fragrances or colorants. Our Soap Bars are packaged in a recycled paper box that make travel and storage easy!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want our Maple Hill Naturals products to be the best you have ever used or we’ll refund your money.

Order Maple Hill Naturals Soap Bars Today!

Order today and find out what thousands of other people have all ready discovered. Maple Hill Naturals Soap bars are the BEST natural soaps for your money!

Look For All Our Amazing Scented and Unscented Options.

Peppermint, Honest For Men, Honest For Women, Lemon Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Vanilla Dream, Vanilla Honey and Brown Sugar, Hunter’s and Pure and Gentle

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