Ultra-Safe Suds - Refill

  • Anti-Microbial and Non-Toxic. No rinse needed. Creates a luxurious foam.
  • Great paraben-free, chemical free, effective soap for the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Perfect to keep in backpacks, purses, cars, and lockers for on the go clean hands!
  • FREEShippingUSA on orders from My Natural Organic Products over $24.88

Scent Name:Unscented  |  Size:128oz

ULTRA-SAFE SUDS (Refill) – Anti-Microbial Body Cleanser. Refill your reusable Suds Pump dispenser with this value size. Ultra-Safe Suds Pump produces a silky smooth sudsy lather without the use of any aerosols or chemicals. Great for all types of big or little clean up jobs like; blood stains, coffee spills, crayon marks (from little budding artists), fingerprints (to many places to mention) and washing your hands! Use in the bathroom, garage, kitchen, leave them in your car, take them with you camping or set them on your office desk at work. Kids can put them in their backpacks or leave them inside their desks or lockers at schools. Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. Designed to be gentle enough for your body and face, yet powerful enough to be used as a “Natural Hand Sanitizer”. Available in: 32oz (Quart), 64oz (Half Gallon), or 128oz (Gallon) BEST VALUE! ** Choose from Unscented, Orange, or Peppermint Scent ** FreeShippingUSA on all orders from My Natural Organic Products over $24.88

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