Rancé Tuberose Soapbox 6 x 100g

  • 6 x 3.5oz/100g bars
  • hand made, triple milled; hand wrapped and presented in hand made box
  • absolute & natural ingredients chosen for their freshness and purity
  • Rancé soaps are appropriate for even the most delicate and sensitive skin types.

Often mistaken for a rose, tuberose is a night blooming tropical plant used often in Hawaii for Leis. The scent is described as a complex, exotic, sweet, floral. Presented beautifully here in a soft pink in a vibrant pink box with fushia accents this is sure to be treasured by any woman. Some choose to use Rancé soaps to scent a room or a lingerie drawer as the fine perfumes and exceptional quality are considered the finest throughout the world.

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