Olivella Liquid Olive Oil Soap 16.9 Oz 12 Unit

  • Buy more and save, buy 12 units pay for 10
  • This gentle face and body soap is suitable for every age group and skin type and gentle for a baby’s skin with regular daily use
  • provides the high concentrations of vitamins, essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants formulated using 100% Virgin Olive
  • Olivella is a neutral vegetable soap made with 100% Virgin Olive containing no animal fats, no harsh man-made chemicals, no dyes
  • This soap is cruelty free – no animal testing and is certified Kosher.

Olivella has several beneficial effects, among them: 1. Moisturizing effect Thanks to its glycerine content, its polyhidroxy triterpenes tending to bind water, its long chain linear alcohols. For these reasons the moisturizing effect of olive oil soap is exercised in large degree if compared with other soaps; 2. Antibacterial and antifungal effect Even if any soap has this effect because of the presence of sodium salts, the olive oil soap contains simple and complex phenols possessing antifungal properties in the higher degree than soaps of other origins 3. Action Anti-Aging skin effect Thanks to the presence of vitamin E, carotenes, fatty alcohols and linoleic acid, the olive oil soap exercises in high degree this beneficial effect 4. Antioxidant effect Thanks to the phenols present in olive oil, well known for the high stability they confer to the oil and consequently to the soap deriving from it, and thanks to the special technology of Umbria Olii that eliminates even traces of metals, present in other fatty materials that act as pro-oxidant. No other soap has a so pronounced antioxidant and anti-radical effect. 5. Skin non irritant effect Olive oil soap is non-irritant and exercises a beneficial protective effect because of its composition in glycerine, long chain fatty alcohols, carotenes, Vitamin E, triterpenes and triterpenic acids

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