Natural Handmade Skin Detox and Exfoliator Herbal Bath Soap by YUAN (Purple Gromwell & Roselle, 2 Bars)

  • UNEARTH ALL SKIN IMPURITIES & GLOW YOUR DULL SKIN – Be fresh and feel clean as this soap cleanses deep into every pores of your skin. Great for teenagers and working adults with oily skin to get rid of white heads and black heads on your body
  • EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM QUALITY SOAP, HANDMADE WITH LOVE by 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS from Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan – Bringing you the purest cleanser from unpolluted source that will help to clear whitehead & blackhead, body pimples and resolve ingrown hairs stubbles. Purple Gromwell & Roselle is natural skin exfoliator as well to help your skin become more healthier
  • SAFE for YOUR SKIN & ENVIRONMENT – YUAN promote health and sustainability. Each of our soap is crafted through 18 steps of natural soap making process, takes up to 60 days to finish, all handmade. Purely made with seasonal herbs, condensed at room temperature, therefore, the vitamins and antibiotic properties of the medicinal herbs are mostly preserved in each our YUAN soap. We only deliver you the best and nothing less. YUAN believe that together, we can make our planet a better one
  • NO PERSERVATIVES, COLORINGS or FRAGRANCE – We have no artificial tools to produce YUAN Soaps, only the sun, the moon, the stars and love. We can’t convince ourselves to add any coloring, essence oil, fragrance-fixing agent, color-fixing agent, stearic acid, paraffin wax or palm oil. Each soap bar will have its own unique natural color, texture, shape and smell that comes from our mother nature
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! We are confident you’re going to love YUAN Soap, one of its kind in the world. But if for any reason you don’t, it’s OK. Just message us and we’ll provide you a full refund. No further question asked. Visit YUAN Soap Amazon storefront today for more premium natural products!

Scent Name:Purple Gromwell & Roselle  |  Size:2 Bars

Some people thought, “Yuan Soap fails to meet the mark, they are inconsistent in colour, scent and appearance.

Thank you for your courtesy, we can’t convince ourselves to add any artificial coloring, fragrance nor essence, etc., to make our soap look better, nor do we want to put in stearic acid and paraffin wax to plump up our soap.

The high mountains of Taiwan are hidden with gems – vegetables and fruits, mugwort, patchouli, dandelion, aloe vera, loofah, camphor, cypress, volcanic mud, sedimentary soil on the plains of Taiwan. These are wonderful resources that nourish our skin, our ancestors had used for thousands of years, why do we stay away from them now?

As chronic diseases develop with science, as the number of skin clinics and cleansing products mushrooms, we continue to let our bodies battered and worn. Are we brave or stubborn?

Many people suffer from skin diseases. If they stop medication, they have a relapse. Their body has low ability to self-adjust, because of prolonged contact with chemical ingredients.

Consumers are getting weary and helpless. Many products labeled as “Healthy” and “Natural” share the same petrifying behind-the-scene story as industrial products. How can we be confident about buying safe products if retailers do not come clean about their products?

The pollution of the human body, soil and water is an extension of our polluted hearts. If businessmen cannot protect the people, they don’t deserve to talk about Eco-protection!

Before we start working, we pray and give our blessings. We talk to our soap daily. It is Taiwan’s first Living soap, thanks to the encouragement of our kind and passionate friends.

Let us love the earth, mankind, love the wind, clouds and everything that freedom brings. May all livings be healthy and the world be peaceful. We keep a low profile and do not emphasise how wonderful our products are. Time will tell you the truth.

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