Fair & White Savon Exclusive Whitenizer 7oz (Exfoliating) (2 Pack)

  • Removes Grime, Dust & Oily Film From Skin
  • Lathers Freely, Cleanses Thoroughly & Rinses Off Easily

Size:2 Pack

The Soap rich in plant extracts gently rub your skin to eliminate impurities and dead cells responsible for unblooming complexions. Thanks to the combined action of apricot kernels (exfoliating and regenerating), almond oil (softening and repairing) and pure shea butter, it cleanses, softens and harmonizes your skin day after day. Your skin is lighter and more radiant. Perfectly cleaning your skin is the first step to a nice complexion. To be used in the morning and/or in the evening on your face and body.

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