Bioland Coconut Combing Hair Cream, 400 ml.

  • Costa Rican Eco-Friendly Natural Product.
  • For better Curls.
  • Organic Coconut.
  • Organic Certified Ingredients.
  • Free of Artificial texturizers or varnishes.

Specific formula for curly hair based on organic coconut. Provides the best combing effect together with a deep moisturizing and rebuilding action.


Dimethicone or other silicone or synthetic coatings.

Texturizing chemicals.

Pre-industrialized botanical extracts.

Petroleum derivatives.

Artificial colors.

Propylene glycol.

Stearic acid, lanoline, cholesterol colagen or other animal derivatives.

Parabens or formaldehydes.

DIRECTIONS: Apply sufficient amount to wet or dry hair, depending on the desired combing effect.

INGREDIENTS: Pure spring water, organic botanical infusion, organic aloe, non greasy emulgents from vegetable source, organic coconut oil emulsion, organic coconut extracts, natural seaweed gel, organic cereals infusion, fregrance mix with natural essential oils, carbomer, vitamins from organic source, preservative mis: Lonicera caprifolium and Caprylyl glycol.

BIO-LAND is a Costa Rican company whose name stands for the real commitment of a full-of-life Planet Earth, promoting biological or organic agriculture, to rescue natural and traditional industrial practices as to use cleaner, more ecological and respectful of health of humans and environment commercial procedures.

For these reasons, BIO-LAND products are manufactured using biodegradable ingredientes, spring water, no artificial colorants or preservants, no animal fats or derivatives and distributes products in reused boxes made of ecologyc papel.

As part of BIO-LAND’s commitment for a better and healthier planet, some of the profits are used to plant trees in Costa Rica.

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