Beessential All Natural Bar Soap Variety 4 Pack

  • Try 4 of our different all natural bar soaps!
  • Exfoliate with our Honey and Oat Soap. Peppermint essential oils and oatmeal remove dead skin cells allowing moisture to get through
  • Sooth your skin with relaxing essential Lemongass oil while hemp oil hydrates and moisturizes with Beessential’s Hip Hemp Lemongrass Bar Soap
  • We’ve married Greek Yogurt with moisturizing honey and essential Juniper Berry Oil for the ultimate nourishing Bar Soap
  • Beessential Tea Tree Bar Soap is soothing and gentle on skin. This mildly camphor-scented natural soap offers relief for many common skin problems and can be used to treat Acne.


This combo of bar soap is ideal for any family or as a gift! Exfoliate and wash away compromised skin cells with our awesome Honey Oat Soap. Relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy our Hip Hemp and Lemongrass essential oil bar soap. Moisturize and create supple soft skin with our Big Fat Greek Bar Soap. Treat mild skin challenges with our Tea Tree Bar Soap. Just in time for Spring and Mother’s Day!

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