Areej Hypo-Allergenic Biodegradable Hemp Seed Oil Soap Base made with 100% Pure Natural Glycerin - 5 Pounds

  • Our soap bases have 100% pure, natural Kosher glycerin. The palm oil used is from companies that comply with RSPO
  • Our soaps are biodegradable and involve no animal testing
  • All of our oils are purchased from sustainable growers and our raw materials are non-GMO
  • These bases can be used to make soaps in thousands of shapes, including round, bars, ovals, rectangles, etc.
  • All bases are uncolored and unscented, ready for the emission of fragrances, colors, essential oils, exfoliates and much more

Hemp seed oil melt and pour soap base: (5% added unrefined hemp seed oil) our Olive oil soap base has hemp seed oil added. Hemp seed oil is professed by many to have special properties.

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